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pernicious snid
12 March 2010 @ 10:08 pm

i found this and it's lovely. the video is not so lovely, so just ignore that part.

this isn't an original art garfunkel song. it was originally composed by antonio carlos jobim, and the lyrics were originally written in portuguese. jobim wrote the english version as well.
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pernicious snid
15 December 2009 @ 05:16 pm
Halloween photo for anyone who didn't see it on the facebook:
milkman and cow. what better combo?

After Friday, my wisdom teeth will be gone, and I will most likely be in pain and not happy, as well as more broke than I am currently. Sigh. I hate being forced to juggle negative numbers. It's hard to scratch up that little extra each month.

Work has been interesting - a bunch of Metallica shows + their Christmas party, a couple of Lady Gaga. I've been volunteering at the SFPD stables in Golden Gate Park in my spare time. Early morning stuff but fun. Love the horses, the cops are cool, and the other girl that volunteers there sews, and we've planned to have sewing "parties" now and again. So that's cool.

My rat, Little Kitty, died last month. That was pretty sad... I'd like to get another, young enough to socialize it with the cats so it's not so much of a hassle, but we really don't have room for more animals. Also, I think I was allergic to her. More allergic than to the cats. Or maybe it was the bedding I was using for her cage. Who knows. Who cares.

Alex and I are doing Christmas at his sister's in San Jose, I think. He seems to have some big surprise gift for me for Christmas... for once I have absolutely no inkling of what it might be. Although I do hope he gets me the exercise ball/DVD combo I asked for, at least. My core needs some serious strengthening.

A co-worker of mine recently turned me on to the dang Twilight series of books. I seriously can't put them down. Alex makes fun of me for it but whatever. It's absolutely riveting how 14 they make me feel.

My life is apparently made up of bullet points, and I really, really want some good chocolate right now.
pernicious snid
02 November 2009 @ 12:40 pm
I never come here. When I do, it takes me three tries to get my password right. sorry about that.

There is so much less to write. I'm busy. The catering job is fun; I get to meet bands and see free shows, although it is physically draining. I can't see myself doing it long-term. My goal for the next two years is to work toward making a business of my art, whatever form or shape it may take. I have the ADD when it comes to art and what I want to do - illustration, painting, printing, sewing

it will all come to shape eventually

The most exciting thing in the past few months was going home for a couple of weeks and visiting friends and family (and my niece!). If I missed you, I do apologize.. it was relaxed yet hectic and ...I've been through a few phones this year already and have lost numbers. eek.

Apparently, Blake Schwarzenback (of Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil) has a new band, forgetters. My friend Greg and I got to see them in Boston while I was home. Mighty good! It seems that I missed seeing his other project, Thorns of Life (which also included Aaron Cometbus of Crimpshrine!!) in the Bay Area last January (2009). I think the problem is that I am simply not stalking his Wikipedia page frequently enough. It is, after all, how I randomly found out about the show forgetters were playing.

I moved back in with Alex and things are great. The cats are kind of getting along. Halloween was fun; Alex was a Milkman, and I was a cow. We made both costumes the day of. I'll post a picture later - I can't seem to find the USB cable for my camera.

pernicious snid
23 September 2009 @ 09:46 am
goodness. i can't believe i've been here for three years. it doesn't seem like it. that my niece just turned one is equally unbelievable.

i hate it when people can't spell or even be bothered to use spell check. and that kids these days don't know (or care) about the difference between your and you're drives me batty. it especially bothers me when adults - ADULTS(!!!) - make such mistakes.

i am old and curmudgeonly.

by november 1st i'll be moved back in with alex. happy about that. very much so. although we will need to upgrade to a larger place within a year... we both agree on that. we both need work space (office/studio) and animal space.

pernicious snid
30 March 2009 @ 03:11 am
i am impatient for october. my roommate's filth only exacerbates my impatience. a lot.
...can't wait to live with alex again; move back in for good.

really good.
pernicious snid
18 March 2009 @ 10:50 pm

life is nice. it's alright.

today concluded a fun five days of mayhem with alex, kameel, brendan and k.c. the term mayhem is not being used lightly; i had a fantastic time. besides being unemployed, things are pretty great. my roommate is dirty and i hate it, but that is besides the point.

i have been doing art again in one way or another and it feels pretty good. my charlie brown christmas tree still lives in my apartment, between the tv and the microwave stand. i'm thinking of waiting until april 1st to put it out. or maybe june... whichever i decide will give the garbage guys (and my landlord) the biggest laugh - or lack thereof.

i'm looking forward to october when my lease is up, and i move back in with alex. it's going to be fun re-introducing the cats, and finding a place to put my rat that reginald can't get to. problems like that aside, though, it's going to be nice. dare i say perfect, even?

pernicious snid
05 December 2008 @ 01:14 am

i can't say enough how much i love this man, or how wonderful it feels to be with him again. <3

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pernicious snid
10 July 2008 @ 12:12 am
you should have seen the look on your face.. i guess that's what it takes when comparing your bellyaches.
and it's been a long time, which agrees with this watch of mine. i guess that i missed you. im sorry if i dissed you.
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pernicious snid
03 May 2008 @ 09:15 am

you were in my dream again last night. we were in your apartment, although it looked like the massachusetts apartment i lived in until i was 5, instead of your apartment. you were still angry, but we were talking, conversing. 

you should try that some time, talking to me.

pernicious snid
10 April 2008 @ 02:39 pm
you  were in my dream wednesday night.

i woke up in a hospital bed and you were next to me, looking gaunt and haggard. there were staples in your cheeks. 
i asked why are you here, and you replied that you hated me so much, but my condition worried you, and you were concerned for my well-being. 

you kept repeating that you hated me, and then stopped and asked when my boyfriend would arrive because you didn't want to see him. 
we were suddenly in a new york subway, on opposite sides of the tracks, looking at eachother. a train screamed by and when it had passed, you were gone.
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